Outcome Based Education (OBE) Committee

Outcome Based Education, focuses on education from the traditional approach to a novel approach of educational experience where each student achieves their goals as the end result of learning.


OBE Committee members
Name Designation Position  
Dr. Sr. Terese SIC Principal Chair person  
Elia V.V (Sr. Symphoria) Professor Curriculum Committee Secretary/ HOD MSN  
Ms. Liji Prince Assoc. Professor IQAC   coordinator  
Ms. Jinju Bastian Asst. Professor Software Committee secretary  
Ms. Christy Benny Asst. Professor HOD Community Health Nursing  
Ms. Manju John Asst. Professor OBE Secretary  
Ms. Betty K D Asst. Professor HOD Child Health Nursing and FON  
Ms. Neethu P.V Asst. Professor HOD MHN  
Fincy Joseph (Sr.Fincy) Asst. Professor HOD OBG  
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