Members List

Composition(based on NAAC guidelines) Members Designation
Chairperson- Head of the institution Dr. Sr. Terese SIC Principal
Faculty representatives Ms. Jinju Bastian T Ms. Manju John Sr. Jyothi Elia V.V(Sr.Symphoria) Ms. Christy Antony Ms. Betty K.D Sr.Fincy Ms. Tissy Coordinator –Criteria 1 Coordinator – Criteria 2 Coordinator – Criteria 3 Coordinator – Criteria 4 Coordinator – Criteria 5 Coordinator – Criteria 6 Coordinator– Criteria 7 Coordinator – Criteria 8
  One member from the management Rev.Fr. Manoj Mekkadath Associate . Director
One/two nominees from local society, students, and alumni Mr. Joji   Mr. Libin Ms. Anna Mariya Thomas Ms.  Betty K D Ward Councilor, Chalakudy IQAC Coordinator, S.H College, Chalakudy.   College Union Chairperson Alumni Vice president
One/two nominees from Employers/Industrialist/stakeholders Prof. Sr. Rubeena Nursing Superintendent, St. James Hospital, Chalakudy
One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/director of the IQAC Ms. Liji Prince IQAC Coordinator
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