Nursing Foundation Lab

The basic nursing skills are taught and learned in this lab. It provides facilities similar to an ideal patient unit. The students get ample opportunities to develop the skills and gain confidence before they start the actual practice in the hospital.

Community Health Nursing Lab

This lab is spacious and well organized so that the students gain experience in family care activities. Facilities are provided so that they can do the works for various projects, exhibitions, medical camps, mass health education programme etc. The details of each family are maintained in the folders which are stored according to the ward or area.

Child Health Nursing Lab

An ideal pediatric unit set up is created in this lab by the models of infants and children. Display of play items for different age groups helps the students to learn and motivate them to use play therapy in the ward and at home.

Nutrition Lab

Therapeutic diet is as important as medicine and care for any patient. The students utilize this laboratory to learn the art of selecting, storing, preparing and serving diet for healthy people and the sick by the modification according to various disease conditions.

Advanced Nursing Skill Lab

This lab is well equipped with various types of manikins for gaining experience in the advanced nursing procedures such as ECG, CPR, Dialysis,airway management.


Obstetrics and Gyneacology Nursing Lab

The students are taught and given opportunity to practice ante-natal palpation, to observe mechanism of labour etc. on the mannequins, dolls or models before practicing in the maternity ward. The collection of foetus of various weeks stimulates them to learn about the foetal development and abnormalities.

Computer Lab

The lab has adequate number of computers as the nurses need to be familiar with computers and internet facilities both for their own learning and for providing care for patients. The students are provided the basic computer training here.

Pre-clinical Science Lab

The students learn anatomy in order to give care with a scientific base. This lab facilitates them to learn human structure – the size, shape, location and histology of various organs in the body by means of charts, models, skeleton, specimens etc.

Audio-Visual Lab

Audio-visual aids play an important role in modern education. A good collection of A.V.aids like T.V, OHP, Slide projector, LCD projector, Audio & Video players, still and working models etc. are there in this lab. These will be utilized by the teachers and students. Students are also encouraged to prepare them as needed.


The library is spacious, well ventilated and is suitable to promote the learning experience of students. It has a wide range of textbooks, reference books, nursing and health related journals and internet facility. The library remains opened from 8am to 8pm. Each year more books and journals are added to facilitate student’s learning.

A reprographic centre attached to the library functions in the college. Students and staff can take photocopies of study materials and articles.

Multipurpose hall /Examination hall

The college has a fully furnished conference hall with the necessary electronic equipments and there is a spacious and well ventilated auditorium with 500 seating capacity. The students make use of this for various gatherings, festivals, celebrations etc. The settings of auditorium add the beauty of the programmes conducted.


The hostel provides excellent living rooms, recreation facilities, spiritual guidance, sanitary and drinking water facilities. Each living room has a phone which the student can use for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Clinical facility

St. James hospital which is run by the diocese of Irinjalakuda is a 450 bedded super specialty hospital. The students gain good experience under the guidance of expert medical and nursing team. Added to this the students are provided adequate supervision by the teaching faculty.

Play ground

The college has a good playground, where the students are encouraged to conduct various games and sports events. All these promote their physical and psychological well being and help to develop healthy competitive spirit.

Transport facility

The college has 3 buses – 50 seated -1 and 32 seated – 2, 10 seated Trax and 7 seated Bolero. The buses are utilized for the transportation of students to the clinical field and for observation visits to various institutions.


The college provides peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for those wish to be in silence and prayerful environment.

Smart Class Rooms &Wi-Fi Campus

Classrooms are digitally equipped with a huge variety of teaching and learning methods using technology.

It includes interactive panel board with Wi-Fi connection and other forms of audio and visual aids.The campus is Wi-Fi enabled with high speed Internet connection. This facilitates students, research scholars and staff members to access Internet across the campus.


Infirmary inside the campus offers first aid and treatment to the students and staff

College Canteen

The canteen functioning inside the campus offers food items at affordable rate to students, staffs and visitors

Parking Area

An adequate parking facility is provided for students and staffs separately.

Common rooms for Boys and Girls

Separate common rooms for boys and girls are available for the students.Room remains open till 4 pm for the convenience of the students

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