Examination and Assessment Committee

Examination and Assessment Committee

The Examination committee ensures that examinations are conducted on time and also prepares a schedule of examinations and declares the results. The Committee assumes responsibility for quality assurance of examinations, maintenance of standards, and ensuring the integrity of the examination process.


To conduct the internal assessment and external assessment examination related to all work as per University notifications.


Examination and Assessment Committee members

  Members Designation
Chairman – Dr. Sr. Terese SIC Principal
Course Coordinator Sr.Symphoria Vice principal  
Exam Coordinator Ms.Jinju Bastian Asso. Professor  
HOD all departments Sr. Fincy Asst. Professor, OBG Nursing  
Ms.Christy Antony Asso. Professor, Community Health Nursing  
Ms.Betty K.D Asst. Professor, Child Health Nursing  
Ms. Manju John Asst. Professor, Nursing Foundations
Ms. Neethu P V Asst. Professor, Mental Health Nursing  
Faculty representative Ms. Liji Prince(Secretary)   Professor, IQAC coordinator  
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