Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee


The aim of the Curriculum Committee is to ensure that students acquire knowledge, skills, attitude, and behavior to become excellent Nursing Professionals to provide holistic health care to all. There must be integrated institutional responsibility for the overall design, management, and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.


Functions of Curriculum Committee

Frequency of meeting:

Twice in a year / when needed

Date of meeting:

1. First Saturday of the preceding month of the commencement of the academic year

2. First Saturday of the Sixth month after commencement of the academic year.

Curriculum Committee Members

S.No Position in committee Name Designation
1 Chairperson Dr. Sr. Terese SIC Principal
2 Co- chairperson, Secretary Elia V.V (Sr. Symphoria) Vice Principal
3 Member Ms. Liji Prince IQAC Coordinator
4 Research coordinator Dr. Sr. Merly Assoc. Professor
5 Member Ms. Christy Antony HOD- Community Health Nursing
6 Member Ms. Betty K.D HOD- Child Health Nursing
7 Member Ms. Manju John HOD- Foundations of Nursing
8 Member Ms. Neethu P V HOD- Mental Health Nursing
9 Member Fincy Joseph ( Sr.Fincy) HOD- OBG Nursing
10 Member Jinju Bastian T Faculty Representative
11 Student Final Year Student Union Representative
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