Code of conduct



General rules and regulations for employees of SJCON     

1) Duties and responsibilities will be separately intimated to each employee.

2) Employee service is liable for termination with one-month notice or salary in lieu of notice on either side after confirmation.

3) Each employee shall submit the following documents at the time of joining.

4) Self attested copies of certificates in proof of age, qualification, experience etc. (you shall produce the originals for verification)

Retirement age shall be 55 years if you are continued in service till then.

5) Employee shall not engage or involve in any other service or take up any employment or business either honorary or for remuneration during the period of your service with us.

6) Employee shall not involve in any matter or conduct yourself in any manner, which may tarnish the image and reputation of the institution or its authorities.

7) Employee shall abide by the rules and regulations of this institution regarding conduct, behavior, discipline etc.

8)Violation of clauses 6 & 7 or any misconduct will render you liable for dismissal from service without any notice.

9) The reporting channel of the employee shall be decided from time to time

10) College and clinical hour: Monday to Saturday: 8am to 4pm

Office hours: Monday to Saturday: 8.30am to 5.00pm; Library hours: 8.00am to 8.00pm

11) Dress code for staff

Code of conduct for Principal

Code of conduct for teachers of  SJCON              

Code of conduct for students

Rules and Regulations College of Nursing       

Duty timings:

College and clinical hours:

Library timings:

Office timings:

Maintenance of discipline and good conduct by students

All students must abide by the college rules of conduct and discipline & must bear the following points: –


Student Evaluation


Students shall seek prior permission of the principal:

Leave of Absence

Rules and Regulations of Hostel

Code of conduct for Nonteaching staff


Office Superintendent


Lower Division Clerk

Code of conduct for Office attendantand class IV employees

Staff leave policy of SJCON


General conditions applicable to all types of leave:

Casual Leave (CL)

Sick Leave (SL)

Annual leave (AL)

Maternity Leave (ML)

 On duty leave

Seminar /Workshop/Publication

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