Message from Principal

St. James College of Nursing, a reputed institution in Kerala was started in the year 2002 as a commemoration of the silver Jubilee of the Irinjalakuda diocese, to bring forth academically excellent professional nurses. The premises are naturally beautiful adorned by the Chalakudy River. Since its inception, it has trained number of harbingers of love and care whose outstanding skills and competence spread across different countries worldwide.

Education ought to inculcate in the young minds healthy habits, manners and outlook. It can shape the behaviour, conduct and character and makes life liveable and lovable. Education is not only preparing the students to the multifarious dimensions of world, but also instils wisdom in them and fills their hearts with spirit of the Divine. St. James College of Nursing emphasizes on value education, intellectual development and practical skills of the students so that they can excel in their nursing career.

The college moulds individuals of integrity, character, high moral values and dedication.We have experienced and well qualified faculty members in all specialities to bring out best of the potential in each student by providing ambience with recognition of individual differences and acceptance of strengths and weaknesses.

This institution always upholds excellence in moulding skilled and qualified graduates by imparting human, intellectual, spiritual, social and moral values. The young novices who enter the Institution are groomed to be compassionate, efficient care givers, able leaders and responsible citizens; indeed a gift to the humanity. The management, different committees, the faculty, non-teaching staff and the students are working hard to bring up an exhilarating road to success where human dignity is upheld and universal brotherhood is accepted.Wishing all the Great Success to maintain best Nursing standards forever Prayerful Regards

Dr.Cicily Joseph

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