Members List

Composition(based on NAAC guidelines) Members
Chairperson- Head of the institution Dr. Sr.Cicily Joseph
Three to eight teachers Sr.Teena Davis, Vice Principal

Dr.Sr.Merly, Asso. Professor

Ms.Christy Antony, Asst. Professor

Ms. Bobby Paul V, Asst. Professor

Ms. Jinju Bastian T, Asst. Professor

Ms. Anu Thomas, Asst. Professor

Ms.Manju John, Asst. Professor

Ms.Betty K.D, Asst. Professor

One member from the management Rev.Fr. ManojMekkadath
One/two nominees from local society, students and alumni Local Society Nominee: Mrs.GeethaSabu,
Students Nominee- Ms.Sandra SebastianAlumni Nominee: Ms.Geethu Joy
One/two nominees from Employers/Industrialist/stakeholders Prof.Sr. Else Baptista ,Nursing Superintendent, St. James’ Hospital , Chalakudy
One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/director of the IQAC Ms.Liji Prince, Asso. Professor
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