Gender Sensitization Cell


               Sex” is a much bandied about term about the physical differences between womenfolk and men folk. It is commonly perceived to be Universal in nature. The term “Gender” points to the socially engineered responsibilities of women and men, in a given cultural location and station. These preferences are structured by viewpoints and expectations emanating from socio-cultural, political, environmental, economic, and faith based factors. Custom, law, class, ethnicity, and individual or institutional biases too play a moulding role.

Women today are independent and financially self-sufficient in many walks of life. Our Educational Institutions are a sacred place, which need to be spruced up for ensuring Gender Justice and egalitarian treatment in an open and transparent environment. The cell engrosses the awareness about gender issues and working towards and creating an enabling environment of gender justice.

Objective of Gender Sensitization cell are:

Roles and responsibilities Gender sensitization action plan

The institution has a positive approach in promoting gender equity and transforming men and women in to more self confident personality with the thoughts of more societal responsibility ,St. James college of Nursing, Chalakudy sustenance of the gender equity practices will look in to following matters:-  

Committee Members(2020-2021)

Sl.No. Name Designation Committee

Contact Number

1. Dr.Sr.Merly Associate Professor Chair person 9995078984
2. Sr.Fincy Joseph Lecturer Member secretary 7034863303
3. Ms.MiniLekha Tutor Member 9207371201
4. Ms.Anu Mathai Tutor Member 7025472204

Gender Sensitization Programmes Organized By The Institution (2016-2021)

Year Title of the Gender sensitization programme Date Number of participants
2016 International Nurses Day celebration 2016 12-05-2016 250
2017 International Nurses Day celebration 2017 05-12-2017 250
2017 Professional development programme 16/08/2017 250
2017 Lahari Virudha Bodhavalkaranam 24-11-2017 250
2018 International Nurses Day Celebration-2018 14/05/2018 250
2018 Legal awareness class 15-01-2018 90
2019 Self  defense 02-11-2019 90
2019 Self  defense 04-11-2019 75
2019 Cyber cell 20-11-2019 240
2019 Self  defense 23-11-2020 90
2020 Awareness programme on “Female feticide.” 18-01-2020 75
2020 Webinar on Breast cancer :current scenario challenges in the future 22-10-2020 340
2020 Essay competition on “Elimination of violence against women” 22-11-2020 60
2020 Celebration on International day for “Elimination of violence against women.” 25-11-2020 280
2020 Awareness class regarding “Gender based violence.” 30-11-2020 100
2020 video making competition is “NO to Violence against Women” 10-12-2020 19
2020 An international webinar on “Leadership in nursing: Need for women empowerment.” 01-12-2020 100
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